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it would be right cos he has to have a competent cabinet in order to move forward
It is surely right for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to change the cabinet in other that he may have people of common interest with himself in other too to discharge his duties without hindrance. For now I will not expect him to purge it as in, displace the few idiots but just as he rightly did, degrade these idiots who continue to lie even when lifes were at stake.
Let God rule through and in Goodluck. Goodluck to Nigeria. Shame to the lies in the name of power, politics and the like.
Off-course!!!....., Yes it will be right for him to turndown all the bad eggs cabinet who delibrating destorying Nigeria.
And moreso, in addition, Acting President Jonathan Goodluck should try all his humanly possible best to cancle the bbc broadcasting programme contract withi nigeria in hausa language, it must be broadcasting in English if hausa , igbo and yoruba believes that we are one nigeria. Please vote Yes/ No to tell Jonathna Goodluck.
to sack aoondooaka and resuffle the cabinet to remove the blind cabals.
President Jonathan Goodluck should resuffle the cabinet to remove the blind cabals.
when lifes were at stake the big men didnot care. it would be right cos he has to have a competent cabinet in order to move forward
The best way is to change his cabinet,thats what is been expected of him to enable him function effectively
of course goodluck is right. he should have sent him to the kitchen to man the cabinets in the FEC kitchen and when he has no work to do he can just enter one of the cabinets and cool off till yardua comes back - whenever that is.Crafty devil anakonda!!
Like I said yestarday, changing of Cabinet should not be the major pre-occupation of the Acting President now. There is more to governance than changing of cabinet. I know that he will definitly need a new team to move ahead, but he should take his time to know those that can still be relevant to him in his administration. Those ones can be retained while the bad ones should be shown the way out. But that should not be his first agenda.
To be sincere we all know Nigeria is an investment to some people, So Goodluck cant do much or anything.
BUT believing God for a change, in our beloved country. Let him effect change, from the usual zombie kind of governance. Yardua's absence let nigerians know, his not the one running affairs of the country. And most importantly, its a time for Goodluck to let nigerians know his not a coward. No more northern politics, Wealth and development should be circulated round the country.
IF he doesn't know what to do, here is the list.
1. Make our refineries to be able to refine her own crude.
2. All nigerians to have acess to free standard medical care, its our right.. NOT BY flying to saudi.
3. Minimise corruption to its bearest. etc
The Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan should not succumb to distraction. There's so much to be done to salvage what has been lost in the last 80 days of a sleeping nation. Valuable time should not be wasted in receiving sycophants who will come under the cover of "Delegations from various interest Groups to Congratulate the Ag President on his 'well deserved appointment'. The so-called 7-point agenda should be reduced to manageable three (3) that shuold be resolutely pursued and implemented
Steve Egbuna, Lokoja, Kogi State
Yes, he can work with this cabinet, but he should have fired the AG and maybe one more idiot to show that he has the power and can use it. Then that will cause the other ministers to think they cannot undermine him in the discharge of their duties. Then he should pursue the 7 point agenda of his Boss, but with more zeal and vigor.


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