Working remotely doesn’t mean doing whatever, whenever…

Working from home is almost the only option business outfits can afford in other to maintain the flow of activities. The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic has put everyone on their toes and gives no chances for casualties. So the idea of going to ‘workplace’ daily, weekly as the case may be is already defeated leaving us with remote working. However, chances are that one can work remotely this period and not be productive at all; it does not mean doing whatever, whenever. It is ideal to work remotely and be productive at the same time.

Productivity in this case doesn’t stop at employees, contract workers or freelancers either, it also extends to students especially final year projects students whose academic pursuit have put on hold for the moment until covid-19 is defeated.

Having registered this, what simple plans could be put in place to ensure that final year project students and employees alike can study and work remotely and still be productive at the same time? We will be considering this in the next paragraph…

Google primer app has shared few tips on how to deal with working remotely and productively; they include

Schedule your time

Schedule your time to be productive while still benefiting from the freedom of working fro home.

Designate a workspace at home

You have your definition of home as much as I do; whatever ‘home’ means to you, designate a workspace to help you focus by telling your brain that you are in the place where you do your work productively an without any disturbance.

Task yourself with goals

Give yourself both small and big goals to accomplish to make sure you have positive reinforcement throughout your days at ‘home’.

In a nutshell, ensure you have a to-do list, a a work schedule, plan properly and set boundaries.

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