Wonders! they say shall never end. A woman turned to half a lion and half human at O.... State. Ask me why?

Simply because she got married before that her wicked friend. She lend her clothes that she suppose to wear on her traditional marriage to her friend.  Who knows where her friend took the clothes to and the enchantment she has made on them? Only God knows.


I urge everyone to advise their Loved ones because people are wicked. The bible says who can see what a man thinketh in his heart and that the heart of men are despirately wicked!. Lets be careful and work with  God's wisdom.


And for those OUR BIG ........, who live fake lifes should be careful. The bible says be contempted with what you have and not to borrowpose. Wash and iron the ones you have very well and be proud to wear them than to borrowpose which will give you nothing than shame and embarrasement.


Look at this woman, think as if you were the one, was it not because she has thought in her heart to destroy the other person's destiny. And it worked for her but the wicked shall .................. 


In conclusion, people say: show me your friend and we will tell you whom you are. I would advise that people should know the kind of friends they keep. This will help to keep you alive till your creator says "COME" than to end untimely. 



I WANT TO HEAR YOU, TALK........................................

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