Women are the most important creature in the world; they are closer to GOD, albeit not the closest. GOD did not need man in sending a savior to the world and they have been important in determining the fate of the world since creation. Great men in history have one way or the other been influenced by the aura of a woman; whether broken by it or propelled to graetness by it. The sharpest issue of disagreement in religion in centered on women. Women know what they say when they say the house is dirty, and they know what they mean when they say you are selfish. Mothers day comes before fathers day. Fathers day comes after April fools day, and you still think women are not important. You are reading this because of a woman, and I am writing this because of a woman, my daughters are going to turn to women, and they say I like women. BUT WHY!? As for me and my son and his generations after, we will never disrespect a woman, starting from my mothers, my sisters and my wife, in no particular order. Put a genuine smile on a womans face today, it comes from the heart and a womans heat is a deep well....

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Well, Kayode, you are right about your views on women. There are women and there are women. If you are lucky to meet the nice and God fearing ones, you will swear to worship women all your life. And, brother, if you are unfortunate to mest the beasty ones, you will run when you hear the word women. May we be lucky and fortunate to meet the nice ones and when we do, may we have the Grace to keep and cherish them.
Nice Post......


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