Woman goes into labour without knowing she was pregnant

A 41-year woman had no idea she was pregnant until she saw her baby’s head coming out of her.

The woman, Karla Akuhata from New Zealand had thought she was simply bloated because of stress or a medical condition until one night she began to feel cramps and was in shock when she realized she was about to have a child.

She gave birth to her son in her bedroom.

Karla had told NZ Herald that when she felt a baby head coming out from her she had simply gone along with the sensation she felt.

She said: “There was a baby’s head coming out of me, there was nothing else to do but go with it, It just made sense to stay there. He just lay there and nuzzled and made all the little baby noises. I kind of knew from the noises he was making that he was all good.”

The new Zealander had named her son Tamarangi because she said he was a total surprise.

Karla had also spoken to her mum after the birth of her son. She had said her mother had continually teased her about the size of her stomach.

Karla had given birth to her first son 15 years ago and had struggled to conceive since then.

She was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovaria.

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