Woman flees on her wedding after finding out her boyfriend is taxi driver, not bank employee

A wedding is a special and happy occasion meant to publicize and legalize the union of two people who are in love.

Before a wedding, the partners are expected to have full knowledge and understanding of each other before exchanging vows and saying “I do”.

A dramatic scene was witnessed in Kilifi county after a woman ran away at her wedding after realizing that her bridegroom was a taxi driver and not a bank employee at Kenya Commercial Bank.

Jackeline Wanjiru stormed out of AIC Mbeeni when she heard that Alfred Musa -her boyfriend of 4 years is a Taxi driver and not a KCB Malindi branch employee.

Reports say that the wedding which was held on Wednesday morning had to be suspended after this embarrassing incident.

Efforts by the groom’s friends, and family to return her to the church for the wedding to continue failed.

The major advice from this incident is to learn to be open and sincere to your partners. Tell your partner about your hustle for him or her to accept you out of love and not money.

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