Woman attacks maid after dreaming she was having love affairs with her husband

A Ugandan woman is set the face the wrath of the law after attacking a househelp, who has served her for over a year, causing her grievous harm.

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The Ugandan woman confronted her househelp after a disturbing dream.

Loy Taduba assaulted her domestic worker Angela Namayega on October 4, after she dreamt that the housegirl was having an affair with her husband.

According to a report by the Nile Post, the married woman poured hot water on Namayega after the disturbing dream, leaving the young lady with serious injuries.

A relative said that though Taduba had admitted she did not have any tangible evidence that the househelp was having an affair with her hubby, the dream had pushed her to attack her househelp.

There also seemed to be bad blood existing between the woman and her domestic worker as she had, weeks before the incident, withheld her salary and confiscated her belongings. 

The woman was arrested on October 8 and charged at the Makindye Magistrates where she pleaded guilty.

She is currently remanded at the Kitalya Prison. The house girl is at the Mengo Hospital where she is receiving treatment.

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