Because of this fuel issue cost of 120 per liter a man was killed left with his pregnant wife with 3 children. pls the leaders should do something because the tears of the poor masses will start affecting this country physical.

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What was the cause of their death?  What role did the price of fuel play in the death of family?  We need to know please.

The man in question have a small shop where he sew peoples cloth, then he have alot of work at hand to cut the story short.

This man used his bike to the fuel station to obtain fuel then it happen that the fuel has increase more than the litter he obtain he started pleading with the man incharge at the end it result as fight that was how this man push the bucket.

Than man was foolish then.  If he was wise, he should have known that fuel is priced at the filling station.  It is either you pay the price or walk away. 


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