It comes to that point when people can be extremely desperate. That was the position of the cabal surrounding Yar'Adua when they invited the religious leaders to prove a point to Nigerians.  But unfortunately for them, that trick is not working and Nigerians are not responding positively in their favor.  The victims I see in all of these are the clerics themselves who have now tarnished their respected reputation by becoming part of Yar'Adua's lies and intrigues.  Do they really think that Nigerians believe or even care about those propaganda they now feed Nigerians that Yar'Adua is recovering well, and may soon retake his presidency?  Even as they confess that the man could hardly say "Amen" when they prayed for him.  Such irresponsible contradictions !!!  Did they for a minute consider the feelings of Jonathan when they accepted to visit Turai who had rudely fenced off the acting president all these months?


To even think that men of God would be lying like this makes one take another look at religion and followership in Nigeria.  I feel sorry for Bishop Oyedepo when he cynically refused to tell the nation the outcome of their meeting with Yar'Adua.  The man simply didnt want to lie as the Turai had expected him to broadcast to Nigerians that Yar'Adua is now recovering from his mysterious illness.  However, why did Oyedepo fall into such trap by going to Yar'Adua in the first place?  These "men of God" has indirectly disrespected the Acting President by honoring Turai's invitation.  Every single Nigerian, including these clerics fully understands the kind of dirty games going on in Yar'Adua's camp, how this man was smuggled into the country at night in the midst of myriads of lies. Why would the clergy be willing to get involved in such a mess?  Publicity for their various churches and mosques?  They should all be ashamed, and their followers should now reassess whether these people actually serve God, the people or their own ego.

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I am sure a lot of these clerics have now realised that they are big embarrassment to their congregation for the way they have allowed themselves to be played around by Turai. I hope they have learned their lessons.
Well, well well.....this is a good insight to the mysteries we are presently trying to unveil in Nigeria.....but i will not be quick to respond though, but you are right from A to Z, but we must also try to define Cleric and some other words you used in your article.

What if the "Clerics" do not truly serve God? what if they do? all the same....what they did might still be the hand of God in motion, as i tell my friends "including you" that we are already in the plan of God to LIBERATE Nigeria, and nothing can stop it now!. All must work to the glory of God and for God.

Take for instance....Nigeria as a country has come a long way to gain status in all spheres of life...good and bad, but we are still here today, after all these years of looting and releasing greedy spirits from hell into our society and i believe we will still be here until tomorrow, even when the old give way to the NEW, may be we will grow strong or weak, but i believe to be weak now is to be strong soon.

He who does not appreciate peace have not gone to war, we are fighting now, we will soon have that peace that we earnestly seek, and when it comes....we will all recognize it.

Don't let what we are experiencing now weigh you down, but realize that we must go down before we can come up....and strong too, the life of every man has being set from the on-set by God for a purpose, (what's your purpose?) nothing will change that fact, the sooner we realize that God is NOW acting in Nigeria....the better for all Nigerians.

Just be patience my friend, don't let what is happening now sink into your heart (that is where God lives).........you will be surprised at the turn of EVENTS, the time is NOW.

May God bless our remaining life in Himself alone. Amen


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