With this ministerial list, Do you think, the Ag. President is ready to move the our great country forward.

Who is Josephine Aneni? to represent Anambra State, i want all the citizens of great Anambra State to speak out, We need somebody, who know the problems of Anambra and have the masses at heart.

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Josephine Anenih no doubt is an Igbo daughter from Anambra state but married to chief Anenih of Edo State. Igbo culture is patrilenial. Once a woman is married, her interests and aspirations to her husband and her kinsmen are 80:20. She, is therefore, more of her husband than her kinsmen. Therefore, choosing Josephine Anenih to represent Anambra State is an aberration. It is against Igbo culture and tradition and therefore null and void. If the acting president really wants to pick someone to represent Anambra state as a Minister, he should either a choose a man from the state or a woman who is married to an Anambra man, be she Igbo or non-igbo.
Ugochukwu, is hard to see people like you, who can say the true and stand for it, speak for igbos, we Anambra citizens living in Europe want best for our great state.
This is just another party, there is no intent to move. so there wont be any motion. Goodluck is just another pie in the thrash! God Save niaja!
Anambara will always be used. i tot state Govs do submit list of pple they want to represent their states what was Adaobi doing all these while? I she not a governor? What is this issue of Obasanjo using his concubine to take the position meant for real Anambara people. I am ready to fight with my kinsmen. lets start the fight!
Any way it has been nominated can't we go all out and put a stop to this list? yaradua's son and Anineh or whatsoever they may be called are wrong selection .....thing must be done ...if i may ask where or which post have they ruled or controlled before so that we can check their profile and ask about their competence
Dear Ugochukwu, you said all. Jonathan just served the first slice of his home baked pie and it tatses just as soured as those of the General Obasanjos, the Shagaris, the Buharis, the Babangidas, the Abachas, the Abdusalamis and the Ota Chicken Farmer (Baba Iyabor).
With the list of nominees, GEJ just want to fulfil all "righteousness" so that nigerians could say he is courageous enough to dare the devil. Expect nothing new from him.
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