Now that the ruling Party has started unfolding the remaining part of its 7 point agenda, hence the question, WHO RULES NIGERIA? Turai & Co Plc. or the Acting President?
Immediately Yar'adua was swore in  as President, the company, Turai Co was floated with contributing Directors gab aging in and gab aging out depending on the side of Turai's favour the person falls. The company went Plc when the illness of the President deepened. The CORE ImpoSTORS/investors are doing all they could for the company to remain afloat at all cost, regardless of the corporate entity of the Nigeria State.Perhaps unknown to these very few individuals, Nigeria has been out living sinister s like them in the past and they will never be an exception.
Should the Acting President be shy or slack in taking the bull by the horns, come Monday 1st March 2010, he should accept my sympathy as the BULLs will surely knock him dead in no distance time.  

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