Political parties; you can now use SMS to reach millions of Nigerians for your party events, campaigns, meetings.

Why use SMS?.
Why not use radio, TV or newspaper for my advertisement?

Current statistics:

9% of Nigerians watch TV daily
19% of Nigerians listen to radio daily
4% of Nigerians read newspapers daily
Less than 2% of Nigerians use the internet daily
50% of Nigerians use GSM phone daily

What is the response like when I advertise by SMS?
response is always very huge if you have a good product or services.
Some clients have reported receiving over 60% response. For example;
if you purchase a list of 1 million numbers don't be surprised you
would most likely receive a response of over 600,000 potential
customers interested in your product or services. Once you have a good
product or services you would have more than enough customers calling
you. This is a fact that has been proven time and time again.

How can you broadcast your message?

we have over 60million GSM phone numbers in our database and our list
keeps growing every minute of everyday. Our list covers GSM phone
numbers from every state throughout Nigeria. So you can be rest assured
whatever message you are passing through will be received from all over
the country instantly..

CALL SMSADVERTS TODAY ON 0706 862 0731 OR EMAIL [email protected] with the subject

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Text Messages have a 96% read rate. This is almost 50% higher than email.

To get the details of our services and rates visit

Call 0818 288 7781

Raycebiz Consult International Can provide GSM Numbersin excess of 70million and send your SMS adverts to every GSM number in Nigeria from MTN to Zain, Glo and Etisalat networks.

Do you know that?


    * Over 30 million Nigerian mobile phone users have seen sms adverts on their phones.

    * Over 26% responded by sending a SMS message back, the most popular ad response.

    * Over 51% recalled seeing an SMS advert in the past 30 days and say they responded in some way, according to our recent research.


    * Over 1 billion SMS messages are sent by Nigerians per Year?


Any individual, institution or organization in Nigeria that fails to evolve with the ongoing sms marketing revolution in the country will sooner or later be out of touch with Nigerians. This is simply because there are over 70 million Gsm phone users and the list is growing therefore there's no other more effective means of reaching Nigerians in their millions than through their phones and this trend is not going to stop any time soon even if there's adequate supply of electricity in the country to power our radios and TVs because people hardly carry them about. But the Gsm phone is the next most important item in people's bags, purses or pockets

Endless Possibilities With Sms Advertising


There are over 100 uses of sms which you can take advantage of?


    * Politicians-To create awareness for their campaigns and popularity

    * Real Estate Agents -To advertise properties for sale/rent

    * Corporate organizations -To advertise products, services and Promotions

    * Stores & Supermarkets -To advertise prize reductions & Sales and boost patronage

    * Churches & Mosques-For evangelism

    * Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments-To announce important government programs to the people. E.g. Tax payment or voters registration.


Why use SMS?

 Why not use radio, TV or newspaper for my advertisement?

 Current statistics:

    * 3% of Nigerians read newspapers daily

    * 10% of Nigerians watch TV daily

    * 12% of Nigerians use the internet daily

    * 25% of Nigerians listen to radio daily

    * 50% of Nigerians use GSM phone daily



Text Messages have a 96% read rate. This is almost 50% higher than email.


To get the details of our services and rates  visit

Call 0818 288 7781

The Lord of the manor has spoken. So be it! I only hope that this ACN will eventually not become a one man show (if it has not already become that) as this will lead it to its inglorious end. I have nothing against Tinubu as a person but I wish the face of that party (ACN) will not be the face of a single individual, the way things are going.

As par the alliance, PDP is no easy nut to crack. A strong and sincere alliance is what is needed to defeat a party that has been in government for more than 12years. Other parties will try, individually, but it is not certain they can defeat PDP like that especially at the national level. In any case, I pray the best candidate wins.

They are now killing themselves, yea! expired and decayed people...fight on...crook tinubu is comparing black rat ribadu as the same with obama n! this is century madness...
we will also remind u and ur street boys here that u all are incompetent, no one will waste his or her vote for crooks and expired candidates...gej God bless u...

Tinubu has arrogated himself the power he doesnt have. Whatever, Alliance or no alliance, Jonathan will win the forthcoming election handsdown. He is the best candiddate

He should be commended for being accommodating and trying to carry the majority of the people along. Would you prefer the people that preach Lynch them? A man is trying to create an enabling environment for him to succeed and you see no merit in that. If he sits at home and do nothing you will still come here to write that he wants to rely on the power of incumbency to win.
Elections are just a few days away and the president has the full support of myself and a great majority of Nigerians in his rather soft approach as opposed to using intimidation.
His opponents can say all they like but they are just belly-aching that the man is trying to build a united house that can work for him. We pay no heed to such jargon. He is going to win fair and square and get set for another four years of "tolerating him" if you do not like it.

When talking of thief have you forgotting that Tinubu is self is a thief that during is tenure Mallam Nuhu Ribadu only spoke of is nonchalant deed and it was settled and the same Tinubu that Nuhu Ribadu caught during is term in office as the EFCC chairman is sponsoring Ribadu .

Look they should not decieve us Ribadu is a thief same goes to Tinubu and if i have to cast my vote for PDP is not for PDP but for jonathan because there is drastic change in the 1 years he serve as the president just that the greedy and selfish Nigeria are frustaing is effort.

Don't be surprise that Next Tenure Tinubu wife will be the next Governor of Lagos state .

So can see that it is a carbal that is ruling us and if i cast my vote for ACN i am precisely casing my vote for Tinubu and that is crazy he has brought tout in the whole of Lagos and for that reasons Educations cannot be emphasize any more .

Lets give Jonathan room to explode and see how far he can go the heat is too much for him



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