Why you might be failing in choosing accounting project topics

Simple procedures must be followed carefully during research and many other activities that surround education and its programs. When such procedures are not noted and followed, you might be failing and will never get the research right. This singular fact gives constant heads up in choosing accounting project topics. You can’t be so sure that your accounting project supervisor or instructor is to blame for the repeated failure in choosing an accounting project topic for your research. You will be challenged to go back to your drawing board if these three reasons are convincing enough.

Your interest is still lifeless

It doesn’t matter how much pretense you wear before your project supervisor, if your interest in the accounting project topic you choose is not represented , am sorry because you will be soon be stranded if it gets an approval.  So how does your interest in your project topic become evident without saying?

  • Your research project proposal should be spiced with specifics that clearly defines the scope of your accounting project

  • It is assumed you are familiar of the variables and terms that define the accounting project topic you have chosen.

Get the variables right

I tell you, the accounting project topics you have chosen may have failed you because you got the variables wrong; It shows lack of interest in the research.  The variables in a typical undergraduate research comprise the dependent and independent variables.  The two must have common grounds which the research brings to bear; when that purpose is defeated first in your project topic or accounting project topic so to speak, it will hardly gain an approval from your supervisor.

Did you include study population the last time?

Just before you conclude, recall that a project topic does NOT end in variables, the research population must be highlighted if not mentioned in the topic. The research population is not the sample size mind you; but the sample size is in the population. Do well to include that if you haven’t.

If these or one of these reasons have made you go back to your project supervisor  every other day for topic approval, you need to treat that with immediate effect. Every word in any accounting project topic and ofcourse any research topic of any field is considered a term, concept or variable. Your knowledge and interest in the topic helps you differentiate them.

Let’s here you out if this solution didn’t work out for you.

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