Why undergraduates easily get bored with their projects before anyone else

It’s very easy to not complete what took you so long to start; interestingly that this is a sort of habit is relatable to undergraduates particularly those in the final lap of their studies. Infact at some point, doing their ‘self-imposed’ research project, they find themselves struggling to finish ‘cos they are bored and not making anything out of their research. Well, they think they are bored with their project, but really there are loopholes they have not filled which is not letting them stage a smooth ride in their project field.

 Some reasons you get bored with research project

Lack of research materials

Writing a research project can be discouraging, frustrating, demanding and almost impossible without atleast one research material to source ideas and opinions from. As custom requires, it is necessary as an undergraduate to provide references of previous research done in your area of research no matter how small or insignificant it may seem.

I have here free research materials that could be of help to your research…

They hardly think of an issue to research on

Some undergraduates are great consumers; they believe so much in sourcing research material whichever way without any effort to align their choices with it. They don’t have any research topic in mind, they don’t even know a current issue to relate with; they are just very quick to dive at a research material or topic that shows up. Don’t get me wrong, research materials are meant to facilitate your research project and not an avenue for copy and paste work, be guided.

Lack of understanding.

You can also find your research boring if you have little or no understanding of what you are working on. You may hardly paraphrase, make inferences, draw conclusion, give suggestions or even question a point of view if you do not understand the project topic you are working on, yes it could be boring and dry.

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