Why There Is Variation In Study Time Among Undergraduate Students

When there is variation in something it means difference or conditions that could be the reason for something. Therefore variation in study time among students is the different time and condition that works for different students. These variation could be seen in their day to preparation for departmental examination, undergraduate projects, seminars and conferences. There are specific times that could be favorable for some students to adopt as their study time while to some students, it may not be favorable to them may be for one reason or the other. Study time is very important and should be encouraged among students at all level. Having a study time as a students will help you a lot both academically and in time management. It will help you to be conscious of your time as well as what you do with your time rather than spending it on unnecessary things that may not be of benefit to you in any way. However, study time is not all about having a time you read or just creating time in your daily activities to read it is beyond that. You must understand what works for you. Someone else’s study time must not be your own study time, avoid doing what others are doing especially if it doesn't favor you or works for you as it does for them. Rather you should identify and know what works for you and stick to it. When you identify and know what works for you, things become a lot easier and interesting to you. You wouldn’t have to struggle to do some certain things because it agrees with your being which includes your body, mind and soul. You must come to the understanding that everyone is unique and different in their own way and as such, approach things differently. Variations are bound in every aspect of life and study time among students isn’t an exemption.


Study time is a specific time mapped out for study and nothing else. Students tend to look at how they spend their time both during the day and at night to be able to map out a specific time to study which they call study time.

Study time should be encouraged among students in all schools and at all levels. It is very necessary for students to have study time, it has lots of advantages as a matter of fact it seem to have more advantages with little or no disadvantages. One of its advantages is that it improves study habit among students as well as improves academic performance generally.


Variation on study time among students simply means that there is differences and varying times that works for students to use as their study time. The variation here simply means that what works for MR A may not work for MR B. MR A might find early hours of the morning as the best time for him/her to study and finds assimilation very easy, while MR B might find the night time as the best time for him/her to study. These variations that exist among students is based on some conditions which are discussed below.


It is very important that students not only create time for study but also know how to choose and identify study times that works for them and stick with it rather than trying to follow the study time of others which could make them struggle through understanding and proper assimilation. Below are some points to note while choosing a good study time for yourself as a student.


One of the point you must note while choosing a good study time is comparing your rate of assimilation during morning and evening study. It is very important that students take note and are conscious of the times they study. Take note of how well you assimilate both in the morning and at night. If your rate of assimilation when you read in the morning is high, then you choose the morning time as your study time but make sure it doesn’t clash with your morning lectures as the case may be.

Then if your rate of assimilation when you read at night is high, then you can choose the night time as your study time. The most important point to note here is how well you assimilate in each of this times you study. Be very intentional when you read both in the morning and at night to be able to identify which time best works for you and ensure to stick to it. Do not let anybody convince you otherwise. Because what works for them might not work for you, you must understand that. That is why there are variations. If you decide to follow the study time of another, you might it find it difficult assimilating and comprehending what you are studying and may lead to you finally giving up on having a consistent study time which could have improved your reading habits as well as improve your academic performance.


Just as discussed in the first point on comparing your rate of assimilation during morning and night when you study to be able to identify the one that best suits you to study and assimilate better, this second point is about choosing the one that is favourable to you that is after comparing your rate of assimilation during the morning and night study. Your rate of assimilation during any of the study time will tell you which time is best for you, the one that is best for you is the one that is favorable to you and ensure to stick to that time.


In conclusion, whatever study time you choose which must be based on whether you assimilate very well as well as if the time favours you must not clash with any of your academic activities especially lectures. Because it is when you attend lectures that you have and know what to study and research further on. Therefore, your study time must be a very good and favorable time. In a nut shell just make sure to have a balance even when choosing the study time that works for you.

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