Why the pandemic should inspire your new undergraduate project topic or what do you think?

The pandemic has hit for so long that it has now influenced how we live our daily lives. To some extent, we are beginning to embrace the pandemic-influenced lifestyles and hoping that things go back to normal pretty soon. But for undergraduates however, it is a great opportunity to let the pandemic influence your research topics positively especially those at the final year level of Education.


As it is in the news, governments across the globe, including Nigeria are putting plans in place to resume schools in a hope to provide sanitary measures as against the covid19 spread.  Following their indecisiveness over when exactly schools should resume, I suppose final year students shouldn’t allow loose ends when it comes to picking undergraduate project topics as it will place a striking demand on them right after resumption.

Choosing undergraduate project topics is an exercise final year students should carry out first, before commencing their research proper as it provides the right leads, scope and variables for research. However, watching the events of the pandemic unfold, my expectations from undergraduates keep playing on the high; there seem to be more to discover about the covid19.

Now, as a commercial student, don’t assume that this talk is ideally for medical students or maybe a fresh game for the media or arts students to play on. As long as it’s about the pandemic, there is much more to research across all disciplines; from the economic downturn,  to clinical challenges, to media hyper expressions, to academic showdown, etc. All these leave two and more to question about the pandemic and its stronghold on nations.

Bringing it back home, so much has happened around you, you can’t deny; tabling so much to consider about the actual or possible causes of covid19,  the economic and social effects, the clinical challenges, the big blow on international businesses and trade plus cross border travels.

All these brings to bear a large  scope of ideas for the your undergraduate project topics including finding solutions  to the curb of the pandemic and every other downside that follows.

In all, I really think that the pandemic should inspire your new research as soon as schools’ resumption is concluded on.

It’s not too early to begin, it’s just wisdom to make your project topics plan and outline your research routine on time.

What do you think?


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