This man - Harold Camping - I understand is 89 years old. I suppose he is somewhat tired of life. The last statement may hold me open to the charge of hasty judgment I agree. However since the failed prediction in 1997 by a certain Rev. Sung of the Unification Churches(?), South Korea his prophecy of the world ending on 21st May, 2011 appears to have caught the attention of the press perhaps because of its audacious nature and the close proximity of the date given.


Fact is if what he claims is true there will be no local government elections in Rivers State will the consequent wonder what will happen to all the monies pumped into the campaign trail (if you take me meaning).


Personally I am for the world ending as soon as possible considering the happenings in Bauchi, Kafanchan, Jos (all Nigeria), the civil unrest in Libya, and confusion in Uganda and other hotspots will come to an end. So what do you think?

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Strange and things unusual shall continue to happen, which according to the Bible might be signs of end time. However, no one is been privilaged to know the date. Date is different from period.
For the date and time no one knnowth not even the Angels, save my father.  God cannot contradict himself.

It is very true only the Eternal Father over all knows 'the time.' students of the bible knew 21st of May, 2011 was a no, no date and such it has proven to be.


However (strange as it may sound), this attempt at putting a specific time to the date of Messiah's return still serves as a call to take a look at a person's life and make amends where we are found wanting as death also has no announced date. 

As you can see the prophecy has turned out to be false. Today is 24th and the world has not ended.
As expected o!


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