I dont know why some young men get their wives pregnant before paying their dowry . Anyway I can only blame the ladies because they are the one to face the risk and disappointment.

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This is a borrowed culture from the west,Why will any man want a child with a woman he is not ready to marry? but,sometimes it happens by accident.
If I can get him right, he is saying pregnanting one's wife b/4 marriage. I think this is done by some men to avoid marrying a barren woman.
Ladies should rather be blamed.  Some of them deliberately get pregnant just to ge the man committed.
I think your correct. I give you 98%.
Correct. I give you 70%
There many reasons for this, let look into the aspect of infetility and bareness. People use it as a sure way of knowing the capacity of their partners when it comes to chid bearing. Some ladies had destroyed their wombs because several of abortion they undergone thereby rendering them barren. Then some men in one way or the other are impotent. People accumulating this fear of childlesness must secure their marriage with a child before going to the altar.
Ralph has the best answer. I give him100%


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