Why politician are so crazy in ruling Lagos State by all means?

Really i could not see any season for this crazy rush

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Man there ain't crazy rush, it is same in the 36 states. Ths democrazy opposition and posers abound! Welcome to naija.
My brother, the reason abounds in all raminification. Lagos is the commercial nerve center of Nigeria, is a major entry point of allforms of transport, it is one of the most populated cities in Nigeria and most of all it generates its own income. Taking control of Lagos state means being in control of all these and gives the controllers the opportunities to use all these to their (personal and party economic gains) advantage which is borne out of selfish interest.
Lagos is the soul and heart of Nigeria.  So any political party that captures Lagos has made a very big catch.
Really is that your own view?

charles just got it right.



sure.  If you are a politician, you will appreciate my view better.

Michael Bukola Arawole said:
Really is that your own view?


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