Why people get defrauded consistently in online businesses

Almost on daily bases, people get defrauded transacting businesses online; a lot good opportunities online exist which have the potential of fetching you so much wealth – knowledge, money, opportunities, connections etc.; unfortunately, some bad eggs have leveraged this new media to dupe their contemporaries. For some reasons which I’m going to point out, people get deceived and duped continually but I guess you will be in charge from now after the exposition.

Bad administration                                                              

The online business platform is badly administered and as such not censored; you cannot possibly hold anyone accountable for your losses and misfortune. Most online businesses make users agree to their policies so that they are legally covered when you raise complains of any loss incurred. See the following undergraduate project topics for better guide on business administration.


Some people also get defrauded online when they pay negligence to leveraging the services of freelance websites. Some people work remotely and do micro jobs for people who sometimes don’t get to pay for those services when the deal is done. Freelance websites like oyerr.com serve as escrow service (a third party), keeping the money for the both parties while the freelancer do the task. As soon as you are done, you get paid while on delivering the job.

Forex trading

The nature of foreign exchange trading subjects it to fluctuation and inconsistency in exchange rate. So approaching such online business transaction with naivety exposes the participant to bad risk and subsequent loss if not watched.


In other cases, people get defrauded online due to greed and hope to reap when actually you haven’t invested anything at all. Am surprised how someone wakes up to telling you to give some abc amount of money and expect three times the amount in a day or two.  These money doubling Ponzi schemes have caused people to borrow an mount they may likely not be able to pay back soon if the Ponzi doesn’t favor them.

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