On the good old days man was trained hw 2 hunt 4 animal in d forest bt in Edo State, especially in benin city, man is hunted 4 man, and a guilty brother is beta left 2 death than 4giving! Edo youth hv divided themselves into different cult groups wit d aim of killing one other. Wht's d joy of taken sumone life? Man was made 2 care and show love 2 one another bt in today's activities, a mentor hv bought guns into d wrong hands, either 4 political reasons or land dispute. I say dis wit a sense of modesty dat we shud pray 4 God mercies, his kindness 2 soften our mind in making us knw hw 2 go abt issues of life instead of shedding innocent blood 4 just a forgivible offenced or common mata. God bless u as u join in prayer

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my friend you can write a book of lamentation , but i tell u Edo is the origin and  heart  beat of crime in N igeria that is why it is like that , but know u that a day of reckoning is by the corner , where every body would surly give account of his or her activities on earth. what a man sow that he reap.  No body would go unpunished.
Our youths have lost their sense of reasoning.  They have been badly influenced by the Western world.  However from time immemorial, Edo has been the hub of cultism in Nigeria.  so I am not surprised at what is happening today in the state.  The government should do something serious about it because the youths are the leaders of tomorrow. No Nation can do without them.
As long as I879 when the kingdom of benin was brought down by our colonial masters due 2 some controversial circumstances and eva since Edo State hv been struggling 2 find her feet on d area of [email protected] thank u 4 finding a tym 2 contribute bt u knw there're some certain things dat might be wrong, if u don't hv power over it u hv 2 lament. What a man sow so shall he reap...u're right then bt let's pray 4 God mercies cos inspite of d sins commited seeing a soul in a furnance of fire will be everlasting [email protected] respectable leader ugochukwu thanks 4 your contribution and hope d Edo State government'll set some modalities in place as a sure way of changing their lives.

the govt should do smthing about it,Y this saying all time.see 1 thing i believe is this the govt only can't do this themselve believe me or not as far as nigeria is concerned we the youth are contributing to our country's failure

thank u my VG pals.



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