Why most supervisors prefer prezzi to microsoft power point during seminar or project presentation

There has been lots of improvement in the education sector in Nigeria with the advancement of technology. The new technologies play a significant role in the provision of instructional materials, audio-visuals and instructional delivery strategies for effective teaching and learning. The use of advanced technology in teaching, learning and presentation is not only limited to the primary and secondary schools in Nigeria but also the tertiary institutions in Nigeria. The advancement of technologies in the education sector made it easy for seminar and research projects presentation and workshop attendance and participation. This technology is very important especially when you have large gathering or audience that you want to communicate your research work with.


Seminar and research projects are one of the most important activities student enage themselves in the university; the project usually play a significant role in the CGPA of students. Seminar and projects are all under research works however there are some difference between seminar and research projects. The difference is usually seen in the bulkiness or projects compare to seminar. Seminars are usually written in sections while projects are written in chapters. Another thing to look out for when comparing seminar to projects; a student go online to source for undergraduate projects and complete materials to aid his/her research project work. But in seminar writing you don’t go about looking for undergraduate projects to download rather you look for other seminar papers to download or study to enable you write your own seminar research work.

        A complete research project usually have five chapters unless the school other supervisor demand otherwise; I have seen some projects with seven chapters but the standard project format is usually from chapter 1-5. The chapter one of the project usually contain the background of the study, the statement of the problem, the aim and objectives of the study, the research questions, the statement of the hypothesis, the significance/justification of the study, the scope or delimitation of the study and definition of terms. The chapter two contain the review of related literature, chapter three the methodology, chapter four is the data presentation and analysis while the chapter five is the conclusion and recommendation. But in seminar writing your list out your point but first introduce your semiar topic and identify the reason for the study. Then attempt the points you listed out.


Microsoft PowerPoint is a professional presentation program that allows the user to create "presentation slides" that can be displayed on the computer screen or through a projector that is plugged into the computer. A PowerPoint presentation is a good way to convey pieces of information, usually in the form of an outline, to a large audience. Generally, PowerPoint presentations are appealing to users because they are easy to create and edit and generally small enough to fit onto a CD or a USB Jump Drive. Therefore, a user does not have to carry around any slides or slide projector, and, if necessary, can make any last-minute changes to the presentation.


Prezi builds virtual presentation tools that are the most engaging and effective way to share visual content online.

Since 2009, we’ve been on a mission to create exciting and immersive experiences that help people connect more meaningfully with their audiences. This pursuit has made Prezi a global leader in presentations, inspiring and empowering hundreds of millions of people to communicate better.

Prezi is used in the world’s biggest companies and in its tiniest startups. In Ivy League universities as well as remote rural high schools. On grand global stages and in hastily organized team meetings. By huge international stars and by everyday heroes such as teachers and small business owners.

In time with the world’s shift to online meetings, we refocused our mission to bring that same engaging experience to video conferencing with Prezi Video. Now anyone can create and share highly personalized, professional-looking video presentations that bring their graphics on screen with them as they present to remote audiences anywhere. Integrations with conferencing tools such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Cisco Webex are making Prezi an indispensable part of the modern virtual workplace.


The prezi presentation tool and the microsoft power point presentation tool is very important for presentation of research paper, conference paper, research projects etc. However most supervisors these days tend to favour prezi presentation tool over microsoft power point because the prezi is more flexible; you can zoom the page you want to present to audience on prezi but you cannot do that using just power point. Before you use the prezi you must first of all convert your files to ppt format and then insert in the prezi app; then convert it.


In conclusion the micro soft and prezi power point presentation are all very important for seminar and undergraduate project presentation; however the prezi presentation tool is more complete and better than the just the normal power presentation. You can zoom your presentation for clearer view for the audience but you cannot do that on microsoft power point hence the reason for preference by the supervisors.

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