Why Mentally Attractive Students Excel More Than Others In Research Writing

The most powerful part in the art of attraction is when someone is attracted to you mentally. It’s much more rewarding than physical attraction.

Being attractive is more than just physical appeal. If you want to know how to be more physically attractive, check out how to be more physically attractive. More importantly, what makes someone truly want to stick around in your life is when they appreciate you for who you are. That means for your intellect, sense of character and how you treat them. Therefore, it is not unusual for someone to see a person, and instantly have a mental connection with them. Most people are visual, so physical attraction is often what piques our romantic or sexual interest in another person. Although, physical attraction often comes first, but there are times when a mental connection can happen almost instantly. Therefore, it is only natural that students who are mentally att6rctive excel more than others especially in research writing. Research writing is all about investigation conducted that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. It is also the exploration of a specific topic within a field by an undergraduate student that makes a substantial contribution to an already existing knowledge. It therefore, requires that the researcher must be mentally attractive to be able to carry out the research and eventually comes out with an excellent and substantial finding. Mentally attractiveness for students is also very important as it will help them all through their academic years in the higher institution and most especially when writing their final year research project which requires high intellectual intelligence to carry out an extensive research.


To be mentally attractive means that people like your personality. People also like being around you as well as like what you always have to say concerning any subject matter under discourse. This is something that is not only useful for dating but also for any relationship you have in general. Mental attraction can be both platonic and romantic. The platonic part is what you have with your friends. You optionally choose to hang out with them. You have no choice of who you family members are, but you do choose your friends. Think about what it is you like about the ones you are closest with. Those positive qualities are part of their mental attractiveness. You must also understand that to be mentally attractive has everything to do with your personality. In simple terms, it’s about being the best possible version of you.


Undergraduate research project is an inquiry or investigation conducted by an undergraduate that makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to the discipline. Undergraduate project is an academic assignment (or research) undertaken by a student towards the completion of his/her academic pursuit of a first degree as stated in his first degree curriculum.

Undergraduate research projects can be designed to fit a variety of class constructs and to promote student learning at all levels of undergraduate education. It is also a task undertaken by student(s) within a given period of time in a given subject area aimed at making the student have independent capacity for inquiries and to supplement and as well complement formal teaching in his area of study. This enables the student hone-in the theoretical course work in the university. There is no doubt that the exercise will reveal to the lecturer who is assigned to supervise the student, the student’s area of strength and weaknesses. When these weaknesses are corrected during lecturer – student interaction, the student comes out to be the pride of the university – the alma mater.

Undergraduate research projects can be student or faculty initiated, and students can either participate in a work in progress or enter a project at its start. Undergraduate research is the exploration of a specific topic within a field by an undergraduate student that makes an original contribution to the discipline. Student usually engage in writing their project after the topic has been approved by his/her supervisor; he or she go and source for materials or down free undergraduate projects to study various methodologies and organisation of the project so as to ease the stress during research project writing.



There are various reasons why mentally attractive students excel more in research writing than others but one of them is that they usually have confidence in themselves. Mentally attractive students exude lots of confidence wherever they are and in whatever situation they find themselves. They so much believe in themselves and in their ability that they can achieve whatever they set their mind to do. With this kind of confidence, they must strive to excel.


Another reason why mentally attractive students excel is because they are smart. To be smart means having or showing a quick-witted intelligence. A smart person is usually specific, achieving, realistic and timely. He/she understands time and what it should be used for at every point in time. A smart person is also intelligent and brilliant that is to say the person has a good amount of mental ability. Therefore, when a person is smart, it is expected that such a person excels in any field or task given to him/her.


Cognition is the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. It is the mental process involved in gaining knowledge and comprehension. These cognitive processes include thinking, knowing, remembering, judging, and problem solving. It is in essence, the ability to perceive and react, process and understand, store and retrieve information, make decisions and produce appropriate responses. A student with a high level of cognition is bound to excel and succeed academically and even in research writing more than others.


Creativity is the ability to develop and express ourselves and our ideas in new ways. Creativity is going beyond the usual. It is stepping outside of the box. To be creative words means to be inventive, imaginative, innovative, innovatory, artistic, expressive, inspired, visionary, productive, prolific, talented, resourceful, quick-witted etc. been creative with words is what distinguishes an excelling students in writing research to others.


Last but not least on reasons why mentally attractive students excel in research writing is that they are easily likeable. A likable poison can get his/her way almost through anything because people will be willing to assist him/her in any way they can. And for a likeable person writing research, it is easy to get through information and materials needed for your research project.


Conclusively, it can be said that a mentally attractive person excels more  than others in research writing reasons been that he/she is more confident, smart, has high level of cognition, likeable personality and of course very creative with words. More so, attractiveness impacts well-being. It confers social advantages, leads to conscious and unconscious positive expectations of the attractive and negative stereotypes of the unattractive and it has effects on important life outcomes. To the long list of the factors associated with physical attractiveness, we must add two others positive mental well-being. This is because it has great effects on life outcomes making attractiveness an issue of importance and concern.

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