Web browsers are the backbone of the search engines on the internet. With the help of web browsers, we are able to get answers to all our doubts and questions. Various web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google chrome safari are introduced for users.

Safari is the default web browser to mostly every Apple Os. Safari tends to work easily with almost every apple operating system and device. But sometimes most common issues can be faced while Safari not responding. Read along to know.

Reasons for issues with Safari.

Some of the very common issues are mentioned which safari users face. You can read along to know more about it.

Unable to search from the search bar.

Responding very slowly to commands.

Safari showing “404 Not Found” error.

Safari not responding properly.

How to fix Safari not working on Mac.

You can follow the steps below to fix your issue with safari like Safari not working on Mac.and you can try next step if the previous one does not work.

One of the simple solutions is to clear all the browsing history from the settings of the browser. Clearing the history might solve your problem.

You can also try to check whether your device is connected with a proper internet connection. If not then you can switch off then switch on your wireless network.

You can also try to clear caches and cookies from the browsers. As many sites involve cookies and this might be the hindrance for safari to not work.

You can try to uninstall and then install the application. Or you can reset your device from its settings.

You can check whether any antivirus security is making the hindrance due to which safari is not responding.

If after trying all the above method your safari is not responding then you can contact its helpline for help.

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