Why is it that no good thing will ever come out from Nigeria? Why?!

I wanted to be proud of Nigeria immediately after the 2011 general election, we thought that things are developing for better and the image of this country is going to be bright for once. This happen when international observers also comfirmed that the election was free and fair. But the next thing we heard from North was bomb blast and innocent people and NYSC members lost their lives. Even churches where burnt comfirming that it was also religiously motivated. To make the matter worst, the governor of Bauchi applauded the outcomes stating that they are balancing the equation, by the way he was attacked sometime, somewhere in the west. This remind me that the political power in Nigeria is shared by zoning. So riots should also be shared he said. Because in the south, it is armedrobbery, kidnaping, 419 etc that keep everybody awake. North choose religion violence because it pay even more than robbery. (heaven) But see now Nigeria is moving from corruption country to terrorist country. No wonder America want to build their military base in Nigeria soon. I'm saying this because i witness what happen at police headquater today in Abuja. Newly recruited suicide bomber desplayed his talent by making it more obvious that our security men need intensive training. He shown to us that they are no match to armed robbers, kidnappers and 419 put together. They called themselves Boko Haram. The cost of dealing with them will not be easy for Nigeria because it will require shunning corruption by 0% in order to meet up with overhead cost. I suggest goverment should provide anti bomb monitoring device to all citizen so that everybody would serve as security alart system. Provide jobs so that some armedrobbers and kidnappers will repent and join in the fight. Then sack all incompetent police officers including this current IG, for decieving us. Religion terrorists are serious, unlike kidnappers and co. When you pay the ransom, they will leave you. And by the way thank God for CBN plan of cash limit. Armedrobbers and kidnappers would soon be out of business. But for terrorists, this is just the begining. God save us.

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If only they will listen
We should all be praying dat naija will one day sing a new song of victory as a corruption free country..
A lot of good things have come out of this country.  There is no nation in the world has not got is own bad moments.  This period could be our own.  But we cannot run away.  We must remain here to fight it out.  Evil cannot overcome good.  We must win the war.


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