Why I’m called the devil, ‘Ndaboski, Odumeje reveals

Many things have been said and written about the controversial leader of the church, Prophet Odumeje, whose real name is Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere. See what he revealed about himself...

I delivered a woman that somebody took to the river for spiritual healing. I said to her, I will perform this miracle to prove to the world that there’s only one God and one power. And that man is Jesus Christ.

I delivered her of spiritual attacks. She came to the church today (last Friday) to share her testimony. I performed another interesting miracle in a church in Benin, where I was invited to come and preach the word of God.

When I fell under the anointing, I saw a man suffering from elephantiasis. I asked him to step out in the crowd and as he was doing so, the Holy Spirit told me that the man was suffering from elephantiasis. So, when he came out, I commanded the elephantiasis to disappear immediately and it did.

Today, the man is married with three boys and one girl. I don’t charge money to perform any miracle. Freely He gives to me, and freely I give to you. The only thing I require of you is to fear Lord. I am not like many fake pastors of today, who will speak in tongues, and make incantations just to collect the last kobo from you.

And that’s why the Lord cannot allow practical miracles to happen in many Churches because they are full of lies. They are busy cooking up stories that will draw the attention of people to sow the last money in their pockets as seeds and even drop their cars.

And that’s also why they are criticizing and calling me a devil because I don’t ask people to pay for my miracles. I try to prove everything to make people fear and honour the Lord. People should not see the Lord as a second option and that’s what many churches are doing today.

Some pastors in the bid to perform miracles will visit native doctors who usually make a mockery of them to acquire powers. That’s why many of them will be saying ‘Ndaboski’, we know who you are, forget it.

This is because people don’t know Christ, what they know is the church. And that’s not my mission. My mission is not for people to praise me, I won’t take it. That’s why I move around without security because a clear conscience fears no accusation.

Christ said we should not love them because of what we can get from them. But love them because you want them to know me. That’s why I preach the gospel with anger and dedication.

This is because the world is full of confusion and deceit. I practice my own Christianity with evidence.

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