the much adoration and honour given to so called wives of political office holders expecialy presidents and governores is one of the  fact that is ruining this country now...imagine turai that bends down to urinates to detect the tune of governance of this country...exercising more power than our so called acting president......put thiscountry at suspence at will and now heads the cabal of power furious.god ve mercy....
   emagine some developed western world that never regards the  wife nonsense how progressive...gudluck should stand to this challanges and demonstrate the the fact that he is the preesident and commander in chief of nigerian army forces...punish every offender including the turai and his death husband

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I agree with Okey that the excesses and secret moves of the first lady and her cohorts should be checked. However I fault some decriptions and adjectives that will belittle power of our women. Good luck our Acting president will still have good lkuck and Gods wisdom to do his works.
emmanuel amara
[email protected]
Nice Post......


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