It as being expected of Goodluck of his cabinet re-shuffle but i was flaggerbasted for the list released finding the great mother of all (DORA) missing, can you imagine that? Someone please tell our beloved Uncle Jonathan not to listen to all this cabal guys, they are nothing but destruction to our society. what can we this generation do to this cabals before they poison us?

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Yes Dora Akunyili is missing from the list and that to me is good. Prof. Akunyili is a fulfilled woman. She has made her contributions for national growth both as a NAFDAC Director and Information Minister. She has made her mark and should just leave when the ovation is still high. One problem with we blacks is that we refuse to vacate office even when it is obvious we are no more relevant. Prof.Akunyili is a pride of the nation. She is a woman who through hard work has earned national and international recognitions. She should just leave and allow those who want to die in government to continue. Prof. Akunyili, I salute u. You are a great woman.
Mr charles,iam so happy with your comment. Dora has already made the nation pride. Is it not better she leaves without her name been stained anyway for those who want's to die in the post will always have thier own way. As for Mummy "D" I give her a big gbusa.
Charles Ugochukwu Okere is right. Being a nice and dedicated woman, I guess it was her will to leave. If not, Jonathan must be nuts upstairs to have her name not included in the list!
Charles may be right within the fortress of his own mind...but as for me, Prof. Dora is being reserved for the best. I leanrt they were considering putting her to Chair INEC. But now, the breaking news has it that her name has been added to the list. Please Dora should not just rest yet. She has dozens of works to do for the nation. Why would one even suggest that her time has been overspent? OK let's borrow a leaf from the Western world (since everything must be measured according to the Western ways)...Hilary Clinton has been in the corridors of American governance (power) for how long? You guys know better. The list is endless and I can go on and on and on and on...

Recently, Prof. Dora was honoured in the United States as one of the world's greatest 20 women. I believe that America must have been green with envy that they have someone like Dora. America will recycle Dora for over two decades until her bones had grown so weary that she could not walk.

So please in so far as our dear Prof. Dora is still vibrant and productive, we shall continue to use her, as our pride, as an epitome of great leadership, as a model of new Nigeria and as our love. She is my darling!
Dont conclude yet my bros, Goodluck Jo has something veeeeeeeeeeeeeeey veeeeeeeeeeeeey more important in for our ABLE MOTHER PROF. DORA AKUNYILI, just wait and see.
Nice Post......


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