Why do we have unpatrotic and insincere people leading Nigeria?

Going back through history to when General Yakubu Gowon(rtd) was overthrown, It is my view that Nigeria have not had the benefit of true and patriotic leaders till today. Do you agree?

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I totally agree. But we must not look at this problem from within only. There are huge amount of external factors involved in the misrule of Nigeria by incompetent leaders. The politics of governance is so deeply trenched that you may think you are at the bottom of it, but you've just started the journey. If we can address and arrest the issue of western nations policy interference into our polity albeit direct or surreptiously, that is just 50% done.

Some of our would be nationalist then went abroad to add to their knowledge and came back fighting for the liberation of the nation under colonial rule while some because of their lust for power remained stooges, and their generation after, of the same system that they joined to fight against. I learnt recently of a groups’ parochial political thought when it was said of some candidates for a position, “we will send Mr. X, as he does not know much about the organization hence will not give us problem”

Why do you think capable leaders are not allowed to rule Nigeria, simple, because those that controls the wills and machinery to attain governance will not support someone they see will not listen to them or bide their wish, foster their interests once he/she gets there. The honest. forthright, selfless individual who has the genuine interest of the people at heart will not be allowed to get to power.

Permit my digression again, we had a leader in Nigeria once that toiled for the development of his region and we can all see till today what achievement was left by that individual and his lieutenants. We had one that fought for the liberation of his people because he saw their marginalisation when it comes to power sharing, and it still there till today.

Today we have an exemplarary patriotic and sincere leader. I interviewed some "ordinary" lagosians, and their common view, although put differently, was that, whoever wants civil disobedience and war to start in Lagos, they should try removing Fashola, and a s a matter of fact, if they do succeed, there will be no voting in Lagos until he is put back to his "rightful place" And now that is an example of a leader of the people. What has this man done to get this review from the people that matters within a short time in history, he was taught the word government and governance while studying and he is displaying his knowledge of those terms.

We have patriotic and sincere people in Nigeria, and I mean REALLY patriotic and sincere people. We only need to give them the chance to lead communities, local governments, state governments, respect legislative houses, the judiciary and most especially, our commonwealth.

I have had the privilege of being taught by some of the best teachers of their time and do like to say "if only we had 2 Oyebobos' (Professor Akin Oyebode)...likewise I can say " if only we have 4 more Fasholas' each in Ogun, Ondo, Osun and Oyo states...then we are going back into the future.

NB: Apology for seeming personal or sectional, I am just being realistic and commenting on facts within my immediate reach.
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