Why do some computer science students request final year project topic from external sources?

No matter how poorly you may look at it, it’s never a bad idea to seek help when you need it. When it comes to academic pursuit, two heads will always be better than one; this explains why computer science students seek final year project topics from external sources and ofcourse every other student in other academic disciplines.

I came in contact with a question raised online as to why computer science students prefer to request for project topics from external sources than depending on their own knowledge. This isn’t a counter article as a matter of fact, ‘just think it’s necessary to take us back to the drawing board for better understanding so you don’t get it twisted.


Why do computer science students request for project topics?

Something to boost their idea

The project topics which these external sources provide for computer science students are inspiration boosters. Sometimes they could find themselves empty of ideas and they can’t continue that way, these external sources feed their mind with project topic ideas that previous students have worked on; from there they can draft a work piece for their final year project and proceed with their research.

Two heads are better than one

Some computer science students, just like other disciplines may not trust their judgment enough on choosing a project topic, so they rely on the opinion or suggestions of external sources for complement.

Computer science projects are technical and demanding

Computer science projects aren’t like every other project you see around arts, social sciences and the likes; it’s really technical. Sometimes one may need computer source codes or some alduno boards to be able to implement and successfully present a project in computer science.

They rely on those sources for resource materials

Most times, computer science students do not exactly adopt project topic suggestions the way they are, it could be that their project topic is closely related so they rely on the ideas of the external sources for resource material as they progress in research.

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