Why do pimples sometimes appear on one side of a person’s face?

Till date, there has not been a unanimous reason why pimples appear on the skin surface but the fact still remains that pimples leaves your skin with scares and inhibit beauty especially when it occurs on the face. The common area affected by pimples is the face but when it appears only on one side of a person’s face, we have to question the cause; apparently not the pattern we know of.

I actually thought about it and here is what I found out: pimples on one side of the face are indications of bacterial activities which are contacted from an external surface. It could be a dirty pillow, a dirty bed sheet, a dirty phone surface and even a dirty scalp.

Pimples which appear on the fore head alone or along the hair line is partly due to a dirty scalp especially when you have dandruff or a reaction from hair treatments. Pimples which appear just below the eye socket could be caused by bacteria from your phone or a dirty pillow. Your phone accommodates bacteria except you clean them on regular bases; same happens when you do not wash your pillow case on regular bases.

Also there are pimples that appear just along the jaw bone and chin; it appears as a result of hormonal changes in your body. You could experience some hormonal reactions or readjustment at puberty, before, during or after your menstrual period and even when you are pregnant.

Pimples don’t just happen; there are root causes. Aside the above listed, pimples are also caused mainly by a disorder in the oil glands. The skin when connected to the oil glands secret a substance called sebum which penetrates the skin surface. The sebum is made up of dead cells which carry oil particles through the follicles to the skin surface.  Sometimes it appears with a black head, reddish bump or even painful in some cases.

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