Why coding should be some informal education for everyone

Coding used to be some ceremonious fad for computer science students, computer engineers and people we would gladly tag ‘geniuses’. Nowadays, what we thought it was is really not what it is. Yes, computer science undergraduates seem to have an upper hand or let’s say better chances but not as much as anyone else who has developed a natural willingness to learn coding. Actually, coding is for everyone even children and I’m going to tell you why.

Checkout some computer science projects and you will realize that these guys are in to solve problems using technology and digital and that's where the coding solutions are born. However, knowing that you too, your kids and younger siblings can learn to code for some very good reasons is such a great idea. Sure you want to know why?

Increases attention span

When you code, you tend to focus alot on the lines of code so not to miss any character because when you do, you’re bound to make a mess of the whole work you have done. Besides its usually not easy to identify where exactly the mistake has been made until an error occurs.

Again, because you want to solve a problem, you code with a burden to give exact same solution in your head. And then you code like your life depends on it. Doing this alone continually increases your attention span and leaning speed.

Design solutions and become creative

Coding makes you wild in thought and makes you a solution bearer. It is a little technical to code and deals a lot with probabilities which either turn out good or bad. Whichever way,  you get to learn from your mistakes and move on. Coding is one of the ways innovators are bone because they persist amidst clouds of crashed systems, omitted lines of code and characters.

Taking note of those mistakes drives progressive growth and better coding skills.

Bridges the gap between fun-time and work

You can actually keep yourself busy with coding between the time for relaxation and work time. For kids, you can manage their excessive play habits by engaging them with coding. Actually there are fun ways kids learn coding so it won’t be such difficult task for them.

Coding inspires structural thinking

You know when building a structure by yourself and an error occurs, it is easier to note the error and learn from it for better. That’s exactly what happens when errors occur in your code.

Coding makes you start from scratch to finish, so you know where you started, when you did and where you need to continue. Remember you don’t just code, you code with a solution you want to create.  So you think about what you need to get it done, who needs to use the system you’re coding and the purpose it is going to serve. These makes up the structure of what you are going to programme.

Coding makes you think beyond the ordinary, you get to see things from different dimensions in order to dish out a solution. It happens sometimes that you, the coder, tend to see the bigger picture than anyone else.

These skills are what you need in the  now, this is call to acquire coding skills so you could join the innovation and creative train.

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