Like the United States of America instead of this shamble some want to call Federalism?

This is no Federalism; it is called Centralism with semi-autonomous States. Nigeria needs full autonomy to provide competition between the states to speed up our development.

This was how Nigeria started moving ahead in the time of Self-government for the Regions. West introduced free primary education; the other Regions followed. It built the first TV station in Afrika, the others followed and in the process, jobs were created and the country started developing.

Unfortunately, we got independence and neo-colonisation started, where the largest ethnic group replaced the white colonial masters. Since then, Nigeria has been going down hill. We must introduce competition again by giving full autonomy to the States. This will create a Nigeria such as the United States America.

Nigeria can not be governed as a Unitary Country because it is not a natural single country. It is a country with different empires within, created by the old colonial masters. We MUST DECOLONISE OURSELVES if we must move forward and live in peace. Our problem in Afrika is the fact the law makers put too much emphasis on where resources are located; those who have and those who have not! States must go out and invite investments to develop the states so as to compensate for the natural resources it does not have. 

Time to abandon what the colonial masters created for us. We must create what is suited to our needs. Because we are all dark skins does not mean we are the same. Just as we are not the same as the Togolese. Languages differentiate us and that is how we have to build a system that is suitable for us and will allow us to still be UNITED. The only way to achieve that is by having Full Autonomy for the States and let each develop according to their traditions and cultures. 

Let's go the United States of America way to keep us united as One People and speed up our development. Each State can borrow money from the Central Bank for its developmental projects instead of borrowing from the World Bank or IMF. Please shine your eyes; take the best from existing to move the Nation forward instead of depending on the West to dictate due to the fact it gives us some grants.

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