Seriously these people are looking for War. They cant stand it when the seat of power leaves them for 1 second. 

It is now becoming clear that the ARMY is doing nothing what so ever about the Jos Issue. If this is the case what would happen when a civil war breaks out because this is how it starts. The demise of law and order is of a high magnitude in this case. The hate seems to run deep as we can see. Especially in situations where the victims are helpless people mowed down in their flight from terror. Innocent children who never got the chance to know the meaning of life. Their short lives extinguished like a half lit candle. This is cowardice on the path of the perpetrators and the Army in part. It seems like some people are colluding with the Army to commit this sort of atrocity. 

We can see what the use of Janja weed militia in Sudan has come to. We in the South will not tolerate this if this situation spirals out of control and becomes a turf war. As Nigerians we should be Nigerian First before Muslim or Christians or Southerners or Northerners but the situation is so bad that we cannot do so any more. Our identity as citizens of one entity is eroding fast as the months fly by and our leaders clearly in disarray can not find a solution. The country is fragmenting with people talking about a split nowadays. Are these people not aware that things have changed? That in their quest for power using such crude methods they are only expanding and solidifying the once thin religious line that demarcated the Muslim North and the Christian South. Do they not know that they can only go as far as that line if this issue turns into a religious war across the country?

A country where our leaders have been cutting corners to stem growing issues along ethnic and religious lines. Where people a bought with money to become ministers and governors but are actually yes-men in disguise. And together in chaotic rhythm, they fleece the Nation of the "National Cake" as they call it. The term alone denotes the impunity with which these obscene men operate. Pure immorality!

The only answer is in the youths. These leaders that have failed us for the best part of half a century are so drunk with their actions that they have totally forgotten that nothing last forever. So Mr indiscipline and corrupt soldier you cannot win by colluding and being an accessory to murder because you have guns in your hands. Times have changed! 

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Since 11 more people have been killed in fresh attacks in Jos it means that the so called joint security apparatus in Jos is worse than useless. Sometimes am ashamed to be a Nigerian. How can I be proud of a country where human life is valued less than tissue paper? What are the Army, Navy, Air Force, Police, SSS etc still doing in Jos when they can not do the right thing?

The people in government are busy trading blames while innocent lives are continually taken. Governor Jang should device a means to secure his people and stop relying on the security operatives who, by their actions so far, have been compromised. I would also advise him (though he can take or throw it away) with all due respect to be more proactive henceforth, stop assuming things and sleep less until the crisis is brought under (his) control. I said this because of what I deduced from Gov. Jang's statements after the attacks that took the lives of over 500 people mainly women and children. He was quoted as saying "I received reports at about 9 pm that some people with arms were seen around those villages, and I reported to the commander of the army and he told me he was going to move troops there, and because it is near where I live, I even saw a tank pass through my house and I thought it was going towards that area. Three hours later, I was woken by a call that they have started burning the villages and people were being hacked to death. I then tried to locate the commanders but I couldn't get any of them on the phone'.

For a town as volatile as Jos, when the Governor received such notice (1) he should have been more proactive by after sending the signal to the army commandant, send his own personal security men to the area since he said it is near his house. (2) When he saw a tank that pass through his house, he should not have assumed the tank was going to the village and he should have called the commandant immediately to confirm. (3) And due to this assumtion, the Gov. went to sleep to be woken three hours later when it was too late to rescue his people. This is liken to a man whose roof was on fire and he was sleeping comfortably in the house.

The Gov. did not behave like an ex-military man who can foresee danger even when it is 100 miles away. This is not the time to aportion blames but a time of sober reflection for us to find a lasting solution to these crises in Nigeria. Enough is enough.
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