sometimes i ask ma sef, if gud guyz stil exist. D world is ful of too bad guyz, dey kip increasin day by day. It disturbs me alot, and i kip wonderin y too many bad guys celculate d whole place, and most especially naija guyz.

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tanx dearie, but ma question is, y wud gud guyz b so scess.

Charles Ugochukwu Okere said:
It depends on whom you are dealing with at any point in time.  There are many good guys around just as there are many good ladies around too.  But you should be patient enough to find them.  You many not come by them very easily.
Thanks dear.  You are welcome.

etin black said:
alrite dearie frnd, i apreciate ur comment

Ubido Emeka said:
Well. Depending on your own view. I don't think they are bad guys but if atall it is the caused of girls from EVE origination. Play a good ro;e and allow your guy to test you. The Girls taught guys how to be bad. Be real and God will provide real guy for you. I Don't meant to hurt you please don't persecute me. Malcolm


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