as the nigeria is preparing for the general election of 2011 it is now clear that the battle is between the south and the north. as it is obvious that the battle line as the draw between the president Godluck Jonathan representing the south and IBB representing the north on the other hand. though the threat of Bahari cannot be understimatited as will prove to be the underdog in the forth comming election. who will join as we battle these issue that will likely tear our country apart along regional line. as it is now clear the votes will be determine along ethnic and regional basic.

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who care who wins, we are tired of north, south, east and west. We want a Nigerian with the right frame of mind to win.
Guy,The thing with politics is that it has an amazingly subtle proclivity of dividing us across tribal,ethnic, and religious lines but I would rather choose to think of the forthcoming 2011 polls as Nigerian Elections that will culminate to producing a Nigerian President by Nigeria for Nigerians..
I hope we vote in a man who will improve our for this foolishness of south and North,as a southner Obasanjo had 8 years in power,i challenge any southerner to tell me how he improved Nigeria.the politics of tribe and region will not lead anywhere.your vote is your power


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