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Nigeria is a country blessed in such a way that no citizen should be deficient in anyway. No one should be termed “Less privileged!” I am sure it is not an
overstatement to say that this country is richer than most western countries.
Nigeria is beautiful, Nigeria is ours, and the only country we can call ours.
Be a proud Nigerian today!

What has prompted me to writing this message is in you! Yes, you are the reason for this message. You have wasted a lot of your energy fighting a vain war not
knowing that the problem we are facing in this country today is the problem of
“individual intention” the problem of “heart”. Negative intention from the
negative notion we give ourselves. We are biased and (permit me to use the
word) bewildered. What is this menacing monarch called method? How it is done
here. “Na Naija for you now?” Ah! Which Naija? Almost everybody has virtually
been infected with this corrupted mind. Nigeria is in no way a corrupt country.
If we can heal ourselves of our individual intentions then sanity will return
to a reasonable extent. “It is our money now!” Whose money? Yours of course,
don’t presume that it is National or (whatever you may call it) but I want you
to know that it is yours. Stop looting the public fund! Stop coming late to
office! Stop breaking the traffic laws! Stop accepting bribe! Stop giving
bribe! Our law is a weak one, yes! It is very weak toothless bull dog! Economic
meltdown is a big lesson to the world. Selfish Administrators! If they had used
their wisdom judiciously, there wouldn’t have been such. “But sitting on
abundance and looking at infinity”, they looted everything thinking that it
will never run-out, now hasn’t it happened? Has it or not?  Sorry, this is not what I am here to say
though am glad to have said it!

Now to my topic: when I look around where I live, I see what I may call a lot of “lay-waste” gold. Untapped gold! In our society today there are so many people
and each believes in a different way of life from another’s, and each also has
a different face from the other. As we are different from others so we are made
and thus should we live.

So many are living the life of another person; living for them, with them and by them. The question is this, when the life you are living is not yours, what
happens to your own life. I realize that people don’t want to be their
“original”. You want to be like me and I want to be like you. According to Les
Brown; “You don't get in life what you want; you get in life what you are”. Do
you really know that you are you and only you can be you, when what you want is
what you see in people, do you know that you are already missing out? By the
time you run in another person’s track till the finishing point, you will not
have the medal even if you are the first to hit the target.

Am so uncomfortable with the way our youths are wasting their talents in the name of making it fast. It is wrong to think of another as “super-person” because
you can always be the best if you want to. As unique as you are made, no one
can compete with you. You may be a singer and I am one also, it doesn’t really
mean that we have the same talent. No! There are no two individuals with same
talent. Use yours not mine.

Many of our young people today join the “band wagon” in the name of “there is money there”. That I make money by acting, singing, writing or talking to people
doesn’t mean that you can do the same. 
Absolutely no! It is in me and yours is in you, bring it out; let it
roll and you will be glad.  Many people
die without leaving any legacy behind while some leave a lot, your legacy will
speak for you and it is in you. Some were millionaires yet nothing is
remembered after them, some had only a thousand yet a lot is remembered of
them.  Your talent is the only thing that
will bring you out, not when you are a pirate; pirating other people’s life
this time and not their work. Of course you know piracy itself is a crime, so
why pirate! Live your own life.

Some people are bound by the “you are disabled spirit” that is why they cause a lot of traffic jam on our roads. For all I care, disability does not exist; we are
crippled when we are so languid to do the things we should do, too comfortable
that we want to be fed often.  In the
face of your physical challenges, you can still earn your daily bread and not
being a suppliant. Destitution
can leave our society if we stand up to the challenges. I think one is
impoverished when he fails to face the challenges he is faced with at a
particular point in his life. Sincerely speaking we are the ones who will
choose to be poor or rich. “Poverty will always be there” so also “wealth will
always abide within”. Now choose to live with either of them. You and not the
government are your problem. When you fail now to live up to the situation
surrounding you, definitely you have selected poverty as your company. Did I
hear you well? You doubt me, well you may but could some who have seven
children be termed disabled? If yes, then how was he able to get those
children? If you can create a problem, definitely, you can solve it. It’s very
ironic that those who are termed “destitute” have the highest number of
children constituting nuisance in the streets. Let us learn now that we are
young to bite as we can chew! “Earn enough, spend a little, and earn a little,
save a little”.

Don’t do what I don’t want to do again. Do good and good will follow you, if they hate you, do you know I love you the way you are. What do you think?


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Very funny this is the way the Citizen Speak when they want to recruit soldiers. This was used on the soldiers that killed our first innocent leaders.


You hear them say we are blessed that NO NIGERIAN SHOULD SUFFER. Everyone knows that is a verifiable lie. If you give 1 million people 1million dollars a little about 20% will still have any money left. If you look at the 20% you will see that just a fraction have all the money. This is how the world works.

What is missing in Nigeria is CITIZENSHIP LOVE. WE HAVE EDUCATION. The hatred on so many Nigerian forums is so powerful that you wonder why we have not killed ourselves completely.
I agree with you, but how it works is not how it ought to be simply because it is working that way. When you close your eyes and look, you will see a lot of shadows. But open your eyes and see some light.

My Dear friend, the youths are becoming the sacrificial lamb in the alter of "Hustle", but we should not let our eggs spoil in the dirty bowel. I think we need to free our wings and let the swing into the freedom of free will.

If we cannot beat them, let us find our own way all and not one road lead to stardom!


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