Where can I find a problem to solve in my Undergraduate research?

Every research seeks to solve a problem; one that you can create yourself, one that is inspired by societal issue and others. Any research that does not intend to solve any problem is worse than a broken record because even a mere term paper is problem solving or at least proposes an idea.

There are several platforms and places where you can find problems to solve in your research project; they include


Recommendations from previous research

Researchers at all levels state clearly the scope of their study; this invariably implies that there are other areas which the research does not intend to delve into. So researchers very often make recommendations for further research on the areas their research couldn’t cover; that has been one of the major sources of research project topics.

From controversial issues

Issues that have raised a lot of controversies in the society need scientific evidences to arrive at considerable conclusion; as such, research is the only way out. When people argue about social influences, the economy, politics, use of contraceptives, human bio-chemistry, animal science and the likes, one needs a significant and evident proof to make a point. As a matter of fact, some of such areas are very good avenues to get a research project topic.

Research ideas from recurring issues

 When issues linger for long without any sign of resolution it becomes a problem with time. In such cases, you as the researcher can cease the opportunity to study the issues, find out the several measures deployed to solve the matter and ascertain the next line of action.

What your research needs to study is not the issue actually; it’s the cause of the recurring issue. Once you put that in place, you may go ahead to proffer possible solution for the issue

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