NIGERIA!!! we seem 2 be d best of d best, really, we luv 2 put ourselves first, people wielding power when our votes never count, unanswered question is how'dey get d power. Naija, i can't seem 2 shut it off ma mouth, cos every thing i do, people go still shout. Naija, i swear, "WE ARE DA BEST" but upon on top of dat, d question remains, WHERE ARE WE HEADING???

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Hello The real Niger Guy, I wish I could know you better than this. You are about to meet the Ideal Realist himself. I need you as an realist but meanwhile read the discussion posted with assiduity i.e CHECKOUT THE MYSTERY OF NIGERIA. Then request for friendship on facebook to join the Ideal Realist Youth Network. This is where we need to start to operate as true Nigerians as we believe in Nigeria.
Note: Just in case anybody come across this message and you have the relevant status quo, You are welcome!!!

Sodiq Bolaji Q (Ideal Realist)
Bridget, really, if i had an answer, i won't look 4 one. Truth's we're looking lost wit no one 2 hold our hands back on track and it hurts truthfully. Infact, until we begin 2 act and reason from a genuine perspective, our fatherland will likely keep living in dis hell of a life.


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