If you at least guessed that it has Adrena Thrive Review a relationship to DNA you are on the right path. In summary, you have been taught that DNA dictates how your life unfolds - habits, personality traits, predisposition to disease - and that you have very little, if any control over that. Though it is true that you weren't given a choice over the genes you inherited, scientific studies have shown that you do have control over what is expressed by your genes. This is where RNA comes in. RNA and its functions is part of a new field of study called epi-genetics which simply refers to changes in gene expression caused by factors external to the gene. There are many types of RNA, each with its specific function. Micro RNAs are genetic copies of DNA actively responsible for determining which genetic information is to be expressed. They cause numerous modifications of protein molecules depending on the environment created in the body which is influenced by lifestyle habits, one in question being the food you eat!


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