What you can do as a computer science student to better your life

Someone asked me a question a day ago via an online platform; he said, “what can I do as a computer science student to better my life?”. I woke up to see it and will not hesitate to give my answer accordingly. I also thought you too can benefit from my answer. Now talking about what a computer science student can pursue for livelihood, there are many of them; it all depends on the opportunity available to you, if you can’t create one.

Computer science students right from their undergraduate school days are supposed to be industrious. From the way things should be, I think they should be job creators and opportunity makers. If you check their final year projects,  how it is structured, designed and the proposed implementation, you will realize that these guys will perform better if resources are made available. That notwithstanding, here are other opportunities you can create for yourself for livelihood as a computer science student.

Organize seminars and training sessions             

Allow me to shock you; not a lot of persons know about computer science, programming, web designing… as much as you think. The interesting part of it is that people who never had experience in this knowledge field are looking for opportunities to learn and build a career from it. You can be the architect of your own fortune and theirs too if you organize seminars and training sessions for such category of persons.

Seasoned programming

Do not wait until you are hired for a full time job. Like I said earlier, computer science students are supposed to be industrious; you can become a freelancer, not necessarily hired for full time tasks. Simply work on contract but first register and start from a freelance service.


This time around you do not need money directly to start, am sure as a computer science students you have a PC. Why don’t you start building computer science project codes for students? While doing that, meet your target market and tell them about it; trust me you will sell out.  

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