What would Nigeria look like if ALL Governments actually spend monies alloted to projects judiciously?

Recently, in Bayelsa State, the government uncovered a waste of about N300m which has been paid to ghost workers by some undisclosed persons in the government. I quickly did my maths and got N3.6b per annum. The rest of it is left fou you to do.

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Nigeria will be a better place to live in. The lives of its citizens will tremendously improve, beggars will disappear from the streets, robbery will reduce to the barest minimum and brain drain will be curbed. In fact Nigerians abroad will like to return to the country and take up appointments. I hope it will happen in our own time.
Thanks to the age of free communication, through the internet.
All of the evils of these society must be exposed.
A new Nigeria have to emerge for our future generation to enjoy.
Good luck!
Nigeria would have been a sought-after country by everybody in the whole workd including USA. unfortunately, the looted monies are being stached away in the banks of the so-callled developed countries. Monies stolen from Nigeria are being used to develop these so-called developed countries. Nigeria is a very religious but ungodly country. How are wish all these Nigerian old rogues and their families are done away with, and we start afresh instead of the recycling of old the old rogues and replacement with their children.

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