As things is moving now, what do you think Nigeria election 2011 will become at the end? I think all we can do now is to bendown our neels in prayer to GOD. If GOD keep silent I don't know exactly what it will become at the end

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it will return Gej as president,don't forget incumbent don't loose election in Nigeria.mark my word if he don't get a grip on Nigeria finances and continue this waste called governing he will bankcrupt this country in 4 Years time
Hello friends and Members on Vanguard community,

This question should have been asked a long time before now except we are that myopic, I am up to the Youths. We need to fight for our future, our freedom and our birthright from these traitors who are meant to destroy the whole standards. I am appealing to the youth to be responsive and strike while the iron is hot for national consensus. We need to realise that the current leaders we have today are only trying to manipulate and shatter our future.
There was a time a pastor named Tayo who sound to be realistic, he said the youths should be more vigilant and wise up, and that we should not follow the leaders' footsteps including himself and that they are trying to ruin our future. Of which they are all facts to lean on!
We (youths of this great nation) cannot continue to fold hands or just praying to God without a reasonable actions to be put in place. We should start doing something rather than saying many things. Don't get twisted, I have an idea to strike without harming no one of which you and I can execute with all the enthusiasm needed for the success of our freedom.
We need to start appreciating ourselves without any sentiment attached. If you are interested in my aspirations. Firstly, read the updated link produced with assiduity.
Secondly find out my name (Sodiq Bolaji Q./ Ideal realist) in the Facebook, where you need to request for my friendship with message that you want to join the Network group.
You will be confirmed and added to the group as soon as possible and added to the Network group i.e Ideal Youth Realist Network, Where you can read our aims and objectives with visions. Then give you an update of what will be the next task.

Remember this fact! Wisdom is the reward you get when you'd preferred to talk with actions. and Wisdom, compassion and courage are three universal recognised moral qualities of men.

Here is the Link produced: Remember to read with great attention.

Thanks a bunch for your indeed endeavors.
May God bless Nigeria.

Sodiq Bolaji
Ideal Realist.
Nigeria will still be Nigeria come 2011. Nothing strange will happen. The elections will come and go. Rigging as usual will take place. The courts will sit, nulify some results and uphold some. But in the end, Nigeria will not break-up. The key players will still be there. Do not expect the miraculous. It will still be the same old Nigeria that we all know.
I think you all make's your points deferently, but one thing I believe that will help us is prayer, to go through from all these election 2011 is only prayer, because this people 're very mean, as I see them something may occur if care is not taking.


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