What will happen to our computers on Tuesday, 31/12/2999.?

Any hope for a smooth roll over to 3000?

What will happen to our data? If there is any failure

What will clouds companies tell the next generation?

What will happen to web sites such as www.uep.ng  ?

Can any digital device save our data for 979 years? Valuable information for up-coming generation 

I think the year may calmly roll over to 3000.  But the major crisis may be in 9999. Either the computers will restart, as a result of the calendar style, and databases erased  or then human will figure out  an Al for a fifth digit that can save them , but we need to start the Artificial Intelligence [AI] contributions to community .  [We may fail or succeed but keep thinking] We can only imagine what will happen. There may be a way like it was before in other end of the world (999–1000, 1999–2000 and more coming).

A little information that may interest you is at www.uep.ng

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