change they say is the only constant thing about life,and leadership anchors on will-power to pilot followers to a desired question is,do the greater nigerians need change? & what is thier desired destiny as a common ppl? Without no sense of apprehension i can shout out even in Aso villa or any renown place that nigerians are tired of being cowed by infantile promises of our demagogic learders,that they are in dire need of real and proven CHANGE,that we desire a destination that affords every nigerians a decent shot to life,that this desire isnt infeasible nor euphoric,that this is the essence of governance,this is why ppl mandate others into position of authority,that this is why ppl are reposed with confidence to man thier treasury,that this is what creat a corresponding duty of accountability and probity on the part of those agents(leaders)...that nigeria shouldnt be fooled by those who are fortunate to be mandated,that they aint there bc they are more better and angelic than those who mandate them,that its high time they called themselves to order and think of using the commonwealth for greater public good...that heavens will not fall shd they desire to change.

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The option is theirs , if they did not change a day of reconing is coming when every man would give account of himsefl before the almighty God. remember vanity +vanity = vanity.

It depends on the type of change you are advocating for.  We have just had a change in governance, which saw the emegernce of Jonathan as president and many new state governors.  But if you are referring to a violent change,then Nigerians must be prepared to follow the footsteps of Egyptians, Tunisians and of course Lybians.  That type of change may not come at least in the foreseeable future.  An average Nigerian cannot afford to take such risk that will put his life at stake.


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