Living in a world where technology is the best and compulsory companion of humans in every possible way it sounds foolish to claim that you are not a fan of technology.

Today, technology is not limited to the futuristic movies people used to watch with the sound of “woaaaaah.” It has become a reality now.

Every single day don’t we hear about new changes that this technology promises and claims to bring to us? People wait desperately for them all over the world.

Are you that tech-savvy too who waits like crazy for these inventions and advancements?

Do you think 2019 will bring you something exciting and futuristic?

Read this article which folds the curtain away and reveals what is actually going to happen in 2019.

1-Home Automation

Home automation is a piece of cake that everyone wants. You’ll say I can even write my essay on it, right?   

It is getting affordable and popular day by day.

It is expected that there will be more advanced, smart and affordable products in 2019.

2-Any chances of laser technology smartphones in 2019?

It's not only you. . . .

Every single tech-lover is waiting for this technology for years.

If you think you’ll have a phone with laser technology in 2019, then you are wrong.

It looks like we still need to wait more.

3-Virtual reality

Virtual reality is getting popular every single day.

If you are a VR lover, then cheer up! You’ll be playing games and watching your favorite videos in an updated version of virtual reality.

4-Why Facebook will be feeling the hot breath of a regulator on its neck?

Facebook is constantly having a tough time since parliament has released its internal emails.

It looks like we are going to see something new about it this year.

5-Any excitement for the driverless cars that were supposed to launching in 2019?

It sounds very exciting to hear about autonomous cars without drivers, right?

People are looking forward to the final product, and there are a lot of rumors that they are launching in 2019 but nay!

Who knows maybe in the future, but there won’t be any driverless car in 2019.  

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