What to do if you’ve lost a scholarship because of covid-19

To accept to discuss the universal damages and hold-ups that covid-19 has caused doesn’t seem to me like a woe speech neither is it an affirmation of defeat; rather it is thoughtful to retreat so as to make the next strike a big hit. So to retreat, we must discuss. If you lost the scholarship you sure would have gotten to the hard-hitting winds of Covid-19, you have to accept that people lost even bigger plans, opportunities, money, loved ones and some, their much cherished jobs; you are all in this together anyway, somehow.

So it is quite unfortunate that your scholarship came at a time like this; for some you may have rushed your final year projects research to meet up with the scholarship deal and still end up losing the scholarship during the rise of this pandemic. However, there are five keynote leads to take home. These ‘five’ will strike a deal with your sanity, help you retrace your steps then rebound and finally reconnect to your scholarship providers.

Let’s see how that works;  

5 things to do if you’ve lost your scholarship because of covid-19

Clear your doubts with your scholarship providers

To be sure you truly lost it or was probably put to hold due to the pandemic, you have to communicate with your scholarship provider. Be sure to understand every information concerning your scholarship, what the situation is and why.

Deal with your sanity

Most times it is shocking to hear a bad news and troubling to confirm it. This is certainly the wrong moment to cry or blame yourself or another; you sure need to deal with your sanity and get yourself together again.

A little more support won’t hurt

Gear up and commence a new search session for scholarships. Now that self-isolation calls, you could do your search with a little more comfort and also seek support from sponsors too.

Keep in touch with your initial sponsorship providers

You could get huge support from your initial scholarship providers even though you lost it with them. So it is advisable to still keep in touch. Check-in from time to time; who knows, the loss you experienced could be temporary.

Everything will get back on track

As soon as the pandemic is down, everything will get back on track but you have to chase your scholarship dream now so secure your place for a second chance when it comes your way.  

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