What the future holds for marketing and marketing Jobs

Marketing is a unique strategy to promote awareness among members of a targeted public about a new product in town, a new kind of services provided by an establishment or about a person, an event and ofcourse anything marketable. Over the years people have devised several means of marketing which have evolved over time from the most cruel of them to the very sophisticated of them. To help narrate the tale of evolution of marketing, this article is dedicated to giving a prediction of what the future holds for marketing and marketers alike while also refreshing your minds with the current trends in marketing.

Long before and even now, marketing has been about promoting brand awareness, building brand trust and loyalty in the mind of target market or audience within a span of exposure to those products and services via television commercials, radio jungles, billboards, newspapers, magazines, mouth to mouth, flyers, tracts and public social responsibilities.

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Without a digression from the original aim of marketing,  the means of marketing has however shifted to attention retention strategies, need assessment strategies, need predictions, targeted marketing and the likes. All these have been made possible via the new media as opposed to the ‘traditional media’ of tv, radio and billboards, newspapers and the likes.

The realities of Marketing with the new media

By new media, we mean the internet. As a matter of fact, the internet has been such an unending wanderlust for businesses and brands with added solutions introduced within a short notice.  The adoption of mobile application into the online marketing plan was one of the biggest deal strikers of all times especially as the apps can afford diverse marketing solutions respectively.

For instance  Instagram is great option for marketing live videos, beautiful photo and vlogging with added editing features. Facebook likewise is great for live streaming , videos, photos, and lengthy marketing writes. Twitter however has limited number of written characters but great for making an event, a person, a business or service trend faster and globally with the unique power of hashtags. The same way does  Tik Tok, email marketing, YouTube have their unique marketing features.

In another news, influencers are leveraging the social media apps as a marketing tool both for themselves and businesses alike. Just by increasing their followership, online views, impressions and their fan base alias popularity, their online handles automatically becomes a one stop spot for businesses and marketers.

Even at that, marketing promotions comes to you without you ever  searching but turns out to be something you are interested about. Now how does that happen? Why does it appear so apt?

The future of Marketing and marketers

The future of marketing is quite predictable especially with the introduction of artificial intelligence and related algorithms into google – of the leading search engines.

With the introduction of targeted advertisements, search engines like google are able to predict what your  are likely to search for using your search results, what you like and comment over the internet. Many of the social media applications have  become tools in the hands of search engines to promote the marketing goals of businesses who have registered their presence online.

Soon, influencers will become too many  because they have good chances of promoting your  business to as many followers as they have. Being an influencer is lucrative especially lately,  so people are likely to buy into building a large fan base,  increased followership and numerous views for their online content.

Again, marketing will be more targeted in the future than it is now. This time more specific with little or no tint of doubt. It took psychographic data to bring as much as we have now and a more personal set of data is being gathered to make marketing such a great experience for business and their targets alike.

On the other hand, Online markerters who have no plans to upgrade to become influencers are likely to loose their job. Businesses promote their businesses via more strategic and sophisticated means including the use of influencers and use of recent google marketing tools.

To position yourself as a millennial Marketer, you need to improve in your marketing tech know how to be able to compete favourably.

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