What sort of computer science project topics can you make out of the recent IT trends?

As it should, your final year project as an undergraduate should mirror your area of specialization and your level of skill and knowledge in that field aswell. However, this guideline should be followed having in mind the need to follow trends and allow the principles of relevance to take its course. For computer science students therefore, it is almost compulsory to maintain this rule.

Talking about computer science, it is one of those     universal course that is vast and almost inexhaustible. In the IT industry, we have several trends now ranging from the artificial intelligence which has found its way into almost every of our daily discussions, virtual reality and augmented reality, big data and the likes. Having the knowledge of these areas of IT at your disposal, you can craft a research topic that has the nature of any of these computer science project topics.

One may ask; what research issue scan I relate to the above mentioned IT areas ?

Now let’s take them one after another;

Artificial Intelligence: You can write, design and implement final year projects about biometric verification, voice recognition, facial recognition, local analytics using data etc. in any area could be anchored in the education sector, in politics, in business, in churches, in accessories and the likes.

Virtual and augmented reality: This area of IT has become very visible in gaming, graphics and I believe so much that it can play  significant role in the education sector especially when it has to do with history learning and virtual expedition which creates a sense being-there in the imagination of the learners. Put that to thought.

Big data: This is one the major areas that stimulates and influences innovations in the IT industry, a lot of data are carefully and strategically matched to make innovations come to bare. As a computer science student, you can implement a project based on data, no matter how small all you need is get the right algorithms and get your design set.

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