What’s the sweet side job of a library attendant?

The job description of a library attendant is not something to be happy about; who doesn’t know how mean books can be in the library; how they can make you concentrate like a living monument. But then, there is a sweet side part of being a library attendant that you as an undergraduate or a sundry library attendee wouldn’t notice. For me, I tried being one once and I have some really nice things to share.

Triples your study craving                                 

My library attendant back in school could finish medium sized books in two days and because they wasn’t much of a chatty kind of person, she made those books her besties. So by 9am when the library is open, quiet and breezy, she is reading already. The very fact that your work space revolves around books will burst your craving for the content of the fancy cover pages atleast.

I also noticed that many of the library attendant back in school were quickly doing their master’s degree programs. Choosing research topics wasn’t an issue not to talk of the resource materials they have at their beck and call. So it was easy working their job and sharping edges to the next hierarchy of their career.

You will remain updated for life                                   

Except your library is one that never subscribes to growth and contemporary changes if not, you may have to question your negligence for your ignorance. Good library attendants read newspaper headlines at least daily since they are subscribed for on monthly bases. Now that the society has welcomed a new media, IT centers and devices are made available for use for library attendants and students alike.

You get addicted to detailing

Although there can be very few carefree people among them, library attendants can be detailed and organized either by habit or by practice. Picking a book from the library shelves becomes easier because they put-in a lot of time, fixing things up even when you scatter them again and again before you go home. It’s quite interesting how they will never ask you not to pick even the ones you won’t use.

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